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Community Theatre Festival

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2023 Performances

Up to two companies representing SETC’s regional states perform for audience and two adjudicators. Each of the companies previously competed at the state level and represents their state in the SETC Regional Festival.  There are typically between 10 and 13 productions.

Each performance is strictly timed: 10-minute set-up, 60-minute performance, and 10-minute strike. Adjudicators respond individually to cast, crew and audience for no longer than 10 minutes each.

How to Enter

If you live in one of SETC’s 10 charter states, check with your state organization for details on entering the state-level Community Theatre Festival. Up to two companies from each state will perform at SETC’s festival.

Friday, March 11
6:30 AM – 1:00 PM CT: load in, tech meetings, rehearsals

3:00 PM – 6:10 PM CT: Performance Block #1

7:00 PM – 10:10 PM CT: Performance Block #2

Saturday, March 12
7:00 PM – 8:00 PM CT: Community Theatre Division Meeting & Recognition Ceremony


Convention registration is required for at least one participant (typically the director). SETC membership is required for all participants. Organizational membership is required for the producing theatre (which includes one individual membership).


Lee Crouse

2022 Community Theatre Productions

Friday, March 11 at the University of Memphis Theatre Building

Sea Wall

Live Arts (Georgia)
8:45 PM – 10:10 PM CT

The Seafarer

Tupelo Community Theatre (Mississippi)
7:05 PM – 8:40 PM CT

The SETC Community Theatre Division will host its first virtual showcase, open to all community theatres across the nation.

The SETC Community Theatre Division will host its first virtual showcase, open to all community theatres across the nation.

Who May Enter

  • The festival will be open submission for any community theatre nationwide
  • For this year, community theatres will not have to be passed through a festival to participate

What May Be Presented

  • Productions entered in this year’s showcase may be a cutting of a full-length play or musical, a one-act play, or any other performance of a theatrical nature.
  • The total length of each individual production may not exceed 60 minutes.
    • Do not include set up, strike, or scene changes in video submission
    • Should a production exceed 60 minutes in the time stamp, the performance will not be considered for showcase
  • The participating organization must secure performance, editing approval, and streaming rights and will submit completed contracts for inclusion in the showcase.
    **SETC assumes no responsibility for improperly secured rights

Video Guidelines

  • Single-camera (does not have to be static) and editing is allowed
  • Can be shot anywhere: does not have to be shot in (on) a stage or with an audience
  • Producing organization’s name, city, and state slated verbally at the beginning or added to the video in print
  • Credits are not necessary, but welcome and should be included in the time limit
  • Producing organization is responsible to clear any music licenses or royalties
  • Produced in accordance with your local city/state required COVID protocols
  • Rendered as following file type: .mp4

Items for Submission:

  • Register organization: $80 SETC Organizational membership + $20 entry fee
  • PDF of production poster or marketing
  • Proof of permission and payment from leasing agent and/or author and streaming rights to perform the play of its choice as it will be performed (including approved cuts for time if applicable) for this specific showcase
  • Proof of rights to use copyrighted music or media (i.e. ASCAP membership, or copyright holder permission)
  • Production Video (.mp4)

PLEASE NOTE: If a theatre registers and then removes itself from the showcase, the fees will not be returned.

How can I view the festival performances?

Each convention participant will receive a link to log in to the convention platform. Once in, look for the “Festivals” tab. A drop-down menu will appear with options to connect to all the available festivals via galleries. You will be able to watch the shows via the festival gallery pages from Wednesday, March 3, until Wednesday, March 31.

How do the galleries work?

The galleries contain on-demand videos entered in the festivals. Once you select a festival, you can choose a pre-recorded show to watch by clicking on the name of a producing organization. A new page will open with the recording of the selected organization’s production.

Seating Capacity: Size of the audience can vary. 100-seat minimum.  

Technical Requirements:


  • Individually controlled cool and warm wash areas of 8-10 feet in dimension and other instrumentation to completely illuminate the stage.
  • 2 Follow spots
  • Maximum of 6 additional dimmers with circuits for special lighting requirements for use by each performing group.   Host personnel strike and replug light specials as necessary between productions.


  • Functioning Sound System
  • Means of communication between light and sound booths and backstage

Technical Meeting

  • Host technical director will meet with companies in a general information session.


  • 100 square feet per theatre company.   Minimum storage for 3 companies at 100 sq ft per company and a maximum of 6-7 at100 sq ft per company. Storage for 7 companies is  “preferred” based on Theatre schedule below.

Dressing Rooms